Cult of Personalities – When the Church Becomes About Men and Not Christ | Acts 20:16-38

The Church has become a cult of personality

Pastors are trying to be too cool today

Some tips to Spot Cults of Personality

A Charismatic Personality
He easily attracts followers to follow him. He’s likely a dynamic public speaker and has mastered the art of persuasion. The Word of God is secondary.

Shameless self-promotion
It’s all about them, Everything you see of them is highly curated. Their image is everything. Christ becomes a tool for their brand.

Numbers matter most:
Their focus is the numbers not the Souls being saved, though they may make it sound the same. More numbers more money.

A trail of dissenters:
If those who raise questions or concerns about the Word being taught are silenced or pushed to the margins. Cults of personality rally around a single person.

Sense of Entitlement
He may expect first class treatment wherever he goes. He flys business class, expected to be driven in the best cars, and preferred to stay in beautiful homes with spectacular views or high class hotels while claiming to Work for GOD.

If this man falls and it makes you question your faith, you might be caught in the web of a cult of personality.

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