Discover Your Role: Women’s Vital Ministry Impact & Misogyny in the Bible

Join us as we unpack the vital role of women in God’s story. This illuminating message draws powerful stories from scripture addressing is there “misogyny in the Bible?”

What about the women that followed Jesus? From the biblical accounts of the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene to female disciples like Dorcas, women have been instrumental in sharing the love of Christ and helping others draw closer to God. This video delves into scripture and highlight the significant impact women have made in the Christian faith.

Their stories are not just tales of the past but living testimonies that inspire us to live a holy and fruitful life dedicated to Christ. As it challenges the world view of misodyny in scripture.

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Let this video be a reminder that we all have a place in God’s kingdom, and each role, no matter how big or small, is essential in fulfilling His purpose. Remember to share this video with friends and family, and together, let’s cherish and support the women in our lives who continue to lead us closer to the heart of God.

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0:50 – Christian Modesty Explained
3:15 – Misogyny in Scripture?
12:29 – Role of Women in Jesus’ Ministry
25:31 – Biblical Worldview vs. Modern Critique
28:15 – The Story of Jesus’ Anointment
34:56 – Female Disciples at the Crucifixion
42:10 – Women’s Duties in Church Leadership
51:32 – Gender Equality in Christianity
54:10 – Let’s pray

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