EVE (Gen 2:15-20) – The first of her kind

Gen 2:15-20 – why does he need an helper, if he was good enough by himself?

God already said He would MAKE Adam a helper fit for him, so why take Adam through the process of naming animals while probably seeing them with their companions?

Maybe the reason, was because God was making him aware of his loneliness and getting him ready for Eve.

– Fit for him – complementary, she provides what he lacks.

– We have 12 pairs of ribs, Adam started with 13. That rib was not replaced in him.

Vs. 23. The man is aware of the gift he just received.

– His ONLY recorded words before the fall is a poem celebrating his wife’s oneness with him.

– He named her woman.

Gen 3:20 – He called her Eve

Gen 1:27

Genesis 5:1-2

God called them Man. There was no separation in His sight, they were both made in His image.
The Hebrew form of the name Adam is slightly different than when used as a Word referring to mankind.

– Genesis 3:6 – what made her see these things? Was her perception based on God’s word or the Serpents?

– Genesis 3:7 -Shame and distrust comes when the forbidden fruit is eaten.
Vs. 12 The man separates himself from his wife.

They fell because they stopped listening to God’s Word, so He sent his Word to redeem us, now will you listen to God’s word?

John 1:1-5, 10-14

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