Feelings – Moses the Deliverer | Numbers 20 | The Way Fellowship

Cain was the first born of Adam and Eve, he killed his younger brother Abel. Why did he do it? Why did he ignore the warnings he was given? Joseph Gbenjo explores why Cain failed where he should have succeeded.

Sermon notes:

Moses a man chosen by God himself

Moses was a man that knew GOD personally – Numbers 12:6-8

Moses was the meekest (most humble) man on earth – Numbers 12:3 (Exodus 3:10. 4:10-17)

Exodus 17:1-7 – The first time water is brought from the rock

The 2nd time – Moses instruction – Numbers 20:2

Moses speaks out of anger – Num 20:10

Moses in his anger implies that he and Aaron are responsible for the miracle – vs. 10

Moses struck the rock TWICE when he was instructed to SPEAK

The water came out in abundance and the Children of Israel drank.

Romans 10:9-11 – Confess and Believe to be saved

His Punishment – Deuteronomy 1:37, Numbers 20:12

Aaron dies – Numbers 20:22-29

Moses replaced – Num 27:12-17

Moses dies – Deut 34:4-6 (Still buried by God Himself)

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