His Way (The Way 2nd Year Anniversary Message) | Isaiah 55:8-9

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“We can’t entirely trust our own examination and judgment. To really know we are on the way of life (instead of the way of death), we need to fear the Lord and receive His wisdom, especially as revealed in His word.” – David Guzik

Passages & Quotes For References

Isaiah 55:8-9
Prov 14:1-2
2 Cor 5:17-21
Rom 5:1-11
Prov 14:6
1 Peter 5:5
Matt 13:14-15,
Eph 4:18
Prov 14:9
Prov 14:12

“The issue then is how deceptive evil is. It might promise and deliver happiness, power, and the good life, but it cannot sustain what it gives.” – (Alan P. Ross)

Matt 7:13-14
John 14:6

The Way Fellowship is a body of believers that loves GOD, His Church, and the lost.

We are located in Houston TX, you can join us every Sunday at 10 am.

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