Letting Go: The True Meaning of Hating Your Life – Luke 14:25-27

Today, we delve into a thought-provoking message titled “Letting Go: The True Meaning of Hating Your Life,” exploring the profound teachings of John 12vs25. This message challenges us to examine our attachments and priorities, urging us to love God above all else.

In this sermon, you’ll hear biblical insights that illuminate the path to true discipleship. Discover how embracing the concept of ‘hating’ one’s life in the scriptural sense can lead to a deeper, more fulfilling love for God and His kingdom. It’s a journey of surrender, sacrifice, and ultimate joy in the service of the Lord.

We invite you to engage with this message, reflect on your own journey, and consider how you might draw even closer to God. Click the ‘LIKE’ button if this message speaks to you, don’t forget to subscribe for more uplifting content, and share this video to spread the Word.

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May this message inspire and challenge you to live a life of purpose, passion, and peace in Christ. Remember, in letting go, we find true freedom and joy in the arms of our lovi9⁹ng Father. God bless you!

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0:00 – Bro. Chosen Introduction
3:28 – Understanding “Hate Your Life” in Luke 14
12:02 – The Call to Make Disciples
14:07 – The Significance of Carrying Your Cross
19:45 – Exploring the Meaning of “Hate”
24:44 – Reflecting on Galatians 6
26:15 – Balancing Ministry Life
28:13 – Being Crucified to the World
31:12 – You need brothers and sisters in the Lord
33:51 – Insights from Luke 14
37:54 – Lessons from Philippians 3
43:59 – The Power of John 3
45:20 – Closing Prayer and Reflection

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