Modesty: Women and Silence in the Church | 1 Tim 2:11-15

Welcome to our loving family at The Way Fellowship, where we come together as a body to love GOD and draw closer to our savior each day. Today, we delve into the heart of Christian living with “Modesty Redefined: Embracing Christian Values.” Join us on this journey where the teaching of the Word of God transform our understanding of modesty and adornment.

In this uplifting session, we explore the true meaning of modesty—not as the world defines it, but what it looks like in the sight of God. From the importance of a humble spirit to the significance of personal conduct that honors the Lord, this message inspires you to live a holy and fruitful life. You’ll hear scriptural wisdom that affirm modesty as more than attire—it’s a reflection of our reverence for God.

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Let’s commit to not only being hearers of the Word but doers, living out God’s Word each day. Thank you for watching, and may your walk in faith be richly blessed. Amen.

0:00 – Welcome to Modesty Discussion
1:50 – Defining Modesty in Life
5:52 – Bodies as Living Sacrifices
13:25 – Condemning Pride Biblically
14:30 – Exploring Proverbs 31 Virtues
22:47 – 1 Timothy 2 Interpretation
26:49 – Guidelines for Modest Dress
33:42 – Christian Influence on Others
38:53 – Christian Responsibility Explained
43:20 – Revisiting Modesty Definition
48:30 – Apostle Peter’s Teachings
51:18 – Understanding the Body of Christ
53:09 – Temple of the Holy Spirit Significance
55:39 – Closing with Prayer

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