The Church | Who is the Church? How can you tell if you are part of it? | Romans 8:1-8

What does the bible teach about the Church of God? With so many professing “Christians” in the World, how can we know if we are indeed part of the Church? Join us as we go through the Word to see what God has to say.

Passages for reference:

Rom 16:3-5

Eph 1:22-23

Gal 1:1-5

Rom 8:1

John 3:17-18

Luke 6:46-49

Rom 8:2

Rom 7:23

Rom 8:3

Rom 7:7-13

Rom 8:4

John 3:16

Rom 8:5-6

Rom 7:5-6

Isa 9:6

John 14:5-6

John 14:26-27

Rom 8:7

Rom 8:8

Heb 11:6

1 John 4:22-24

The Way Fellowship is a body of believers that loves GOD, His Church, and the lost.

We are located in Houston TX, you can join us every Sunday at 10 am.

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