The Debtors | Matthew 18:21-35

Welcome to The Way Fellowship, where we follow Jesus and create disciples. In this video, Pastor Joel shares a message on forgiveness based on Matthew 18:21-35. He explains how forgiving others is not only a command from God, but also a blessing for us. He also challenges us to examine our hearts and see if we are holding any grudges or bitterness against anyone. Watch this sermon and learn how to forgive as God has forgiven you.

Passages & Quotes For References

Matt 18:21-35
Amos 2:6
Esther 3:9

How much is 10,000 talents?

A talent was equal to 6000 denarii.

The average Jewish laborer worked 6 days and 50 weeks of the year, when you take away the sabbaths and 2 weeks of Jewish holidays.

They earned about 1 denarii a day, so that is about 6 days x 50 weeks which means he earned an annual wage of about 300 denarii.

So to earn 1 talent (which is about 6000 denarii) you must work about 20 years of labor. 300 denarii x 20 years =6,000 denarii.

To pay all 10,000 talents, he would need to work about 20 years x 10,000 talents = 200,000 years or 60 million working days (6000 denarii X 10000 talents).

2 Kings 4:1
Matt 6:12
Luke 7:47
Luke 17:3-4
Luke 6:27-36
James 2:12-13
John 13:34-35
1 Cor 6:1-8

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