The Good Samaritan | Luke 10:25-37

What made the Samaritan good? What was the point of the Story Jesus tells the Lawyer who tries to test Him by asking about Eternal life? Join us as Pastor Joel explains the story with references to the Jewish law.

Passages & Quotes For References

Luke 10:25-26
Luke 10:27
Deut 6:5
Luke 10:28
Luke 10:29
Lev 19:18
Lev 19:33-34
Luke 10:30

The road to Jericho was not a good place to be if you were alone, as this man was. It was 18 miles from Jerusalem to Jericho, more than you could comfortably walk in a day, so there were inns along the way, and plenty of travelers. But to get to Jericho you had to go through long stretches of empty road bordered by rocks and hills. These made ideal places for thugs and thieves to hide.

Luke 10:31
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Lev 22:1-3
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Deut 26:12-13
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2 King 17:24-41
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John 8:48
Luke 10:34-37

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