The Wrath of GOD (When Justice Meets Holiness) | Romans 2:1–16

Some questions to consider:

How would you define wrath?

Can you have wrath without anger?

How would you define Justice?

Is justice different from wrath?

Can wrath bring justice?

Can you live in a world without justice?

What is righteous judgment?

Passages for references and quotes:

Isa 6:3

Rev 4:8

“Holy is the way God is. To be holy He does not conform to a standard. He is that standard. He is absolutely holy with an infinite, incomprehensible fullness of purity that is incapable of being other than it is. Because He is holy, His attributes are holy; that is, whatever we think of as belonging to God must be thought of as holy. God is holy and He has made holiness the moral condition necessary to the health of His universe. Sin’s temporary presence in the world only accents this. Whatever is holy is healthy; evil is a moral sickness that must end ultimately in death..” – A. W Tozer

1 John 4:7-10

Eze 18:20-24

Matt 25:41

Nahum 1:2-3

Rom 1:18

“God’s wrath in the Bible is never the capricious, self-indulgent, irritable, morally ignoble thing that human anger so often is. It is, instead, a right and necessary reaction to objective moral evil” – J.I. Packer

Deut 9:8

Rom 2:1-16

Isa 53:10

Isa 53:5-11

Rom 5:1-2

Rom 3:26

Rom 5:18-19

1 John 3:4-10

Rom 5:8-9

Matt 27:46

Psa 22:1-8

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