Tithing – Should I Tithe? – Gen 14:17-20  | The Way Fellowship

Tithing seems to be a big and controversial issue in the Church but it is not that controversial in scripture. It is pretty clear, so in this sermon Pst. Joel addresses the topic of tithing for the Christian, are we expected to tithe or not?

This is a continuation of our “The Christian” series.

Bible passages for study

Matt 23:23-24
Gen 14:17-20
Gen 15:1
Psa 76:1-2
Rev 19:16
Rev 17:14
Heb 4:14–16
John 12:12-16
Gen 28:19-23
Lev 27:30
Num 18:1-11,
Num 18:21-29
Malachi 3:6-12
Matt 23:23-24
Heb 7:1-16 (Ps 110:4)
Acts 2:44-47
Gal 4:4-5
2 Cor 8:8-15,
2 Cor 9:6-9

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